Next Big Thing - Poster and Social Ads for J-Live Entertainment

Yes, I am a graphic design nerd! I love creating a logo, branding, and finding variations for different applications for a design. Here I designed a "shell" for J-Live Entertainment, here in Hanford, for their 2017 Next Big Thing Talent Show Competitions. A design shell refers to a design that keeps most of the design the same, leaving space for changing dates and other information. So far, we have used this design three different ways - two posters and one Instagram ad (and it's only February!) Take note of what is the same, and what is different on the three designs. Creating a shell was perfect for this project because there will be several different shows throughout the year at different places and using this same design keeps visual consistency throughout the year. Got a special talent? Give J-Live a call! Maybe we'll see you on TV! (Let me know, so I can watch!) Thanks to J-Live Entertainment for teaming up with me to promote such exciting events!   - Need a new design? Have your people call my people! :)-